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"AgencyOS is a comprehensive and well organized template. It's a perfect fit for startup or a team within a company to keep track of customers, projects, goals and tasks. With this at your disposal, your team and you will experience better workflow and efficiency. I recommend you get this template and get organized."


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Any of These Sound Familiar in Your Project Management?

Ignoring this could lead to a damaged reputation and lost clients, cutting into your agency's profits.

Disorganized Workflow

Letting disorganization continue can lead to chaotic operations, disappointing clients and undermining your team's effectiveness.

Inefficient Communication

Poor communication can spiral into costly misunderstandings, disrupting projects and straining client relationships.

Missed Deadlines

Regularly missing deadlines damages your reputation and losing clients' trust, potentially leading to a significant loss in business.

Limited Scalability

Failing to address scalability issues can stunt your agency's growth, leaving you struggling to compete in an ever-evolving market.

Inconsistent Quality of Work

Inconsistency in work quality can damage your agency's image, leading to dissatisfied clients and decreasing referrals.

End the Chaos of Missed Deadlines

Discover how our project management system ensures every deadline is met with ease.

All-in-One Dashboard

Get a comprehensive view of all your projects and tasks in one place for simplified management enhanced oversight.

Customizable to Your Workflow

Adjust and tailor the system to fit your unique operational needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Precision in Execution

Enjoy meticulous control and accuracy in managing projects, resulting in flawless execution and high-quality outcomes.

Tailored CRM System

Benefit from a CRM solution specifically designed for agencies, enhancing client relationships and improving communication.

Always Deliver on Time

Guarantee timely completion of projects, enhancing your reputation and ensuring client satisfaction.

Scale Without Limits

Scale your team effortlessly; the system adapts smoothly, ensuring quality and efficiency as your agency grows.

Revolutionize Your Project Management with Unmatched Precision

Discover how our project management system brings unparalleled clarity and efficiency to every project in your agency.

All-in-One Dashboard

Access all critical agency data from one place so that you can quickly find what you need without switching between an entire system.

Agency Internal Dashboard

Easily monitor all ongoing projects and tasks, so that you can keep track of progress and deadlines effectively.

Team Member Personal Dashboard

Allows team members to concentrate on their specific tasks, fostering accountability for enhanced performance and clarity.

Client Project Management

Manage client projects efficiently so that client satisfaction and timely delivery are maximized.

Internal Project Management

Streamline internal projects so that team productivity and goal achievement are enhanced.

Sprints Management

Organize brainstorming sprints so that creative solutions are developed jointly, enhancing project outcomes.

Task Management

Organize tasks effectively so that project execution is flawless and controlled.

Meeting Calendar

Organize all meetings in one calendar so that you can easily manage and visualize your schedule.

Meeting Attendees

Adjust participant lists easily so that the right people are always in your meetings.

Meeting Agenda

Set clear agendas so that meetings stay focused and on topic.

External & Internal Meeting Management

Efficiently handle both external and internal meetings so that all interactions are streamlined and clear.

Institutions Directory

Organize institutions in the directory to easily track collaborations and interactions for improved partnership strategies.

Key Contacts Information

Keep track of important client details so that you can personalize interactions and strengthen relationships.

Client Interaction Management

Record all client interactions so that you have a comprehensive understanding of each relationship.

Client Portal

Share important documents securely so that collaboration with clients is more efficient.

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Portfolio Management

Present your portfolio to draw in and impress potential clients, fostering increased business opportunities.

Exclusive Client Portal

Keeps clients informed with project progress and necessary documents, enhancing satisfaction and transparent communication.

Plug-and-Play Outreach Template

Offers ready-to-use outreach templates to streamline effective outreach, boosting efficiency and lead acquisition.

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"Glitch is one of the best Notion creators right now. The attention to detail and care are top-notch! I have studied UX design for 10 years, and I appreciate the love and care that goes into providing the best user experience possible. Everything is clean and just works. If you’re an agency owner, this is the template to get."

Tyler Pham

Systemize Everything

"I really liked the Agency Sales OS Glitch has made. Its complete and in detail. Perfect for any agency to supervice and have a control on their whole sales process. I recommend it 100%."


Founder, Cashflow

"The Agency Sales OS Notion template is a game-changer for any sales team. It offers a highly organized and intuitive workspace to streamline all your sales processes. From lead management and client tracking to performance analytics, it covers it all. The template's user-friendly design makes it easy for the entire team to collaborate seamlessly. With its customizable features, you can adapt it to suit your agency's specific needs. Say goodbye to scattered data and hello to a more efficient and productive sales operation with this template!"


"Glitch put a lot of thought in the Agency Sales OS. You can see that the agency experience in the template it self. That is something you don’t usually encounter with Notion creators nowadays.”

Sev Estil

Business Consultant

"I always loved the work of Glitch!The template minimalist very clean, well organized and very good design.The best thing i loved about it is the easiest use of it, you need just click buttons and everything is set.

Well done Glitch!"


Notion Designer

"The Content OS Notion template is a game-changer for my social media strategy. The organized layout effortlessly streamlines my content planning, hashtag research, and engagement tracking. With designated sections for scheduled tweets, trending hashtags, and analytics, it's a comprehensive toolkit for any Twitter enthusiast. The customizable nature of Notion allows me to tailor it to my unique needs, making it a versatile companion in navigating the dynamic world of Twitter. From brainstorming ideas to analyzing post-performance, this template has become an indispensable asset in elevating my Twitter game."

Lara M

Content Creator

"Agency Sales OS is the perfect tool to efficiently manage your agency. It provides everything you need, from customer and product management to finance and meetings, and much more. All of these features are perfectly packaged and presented with a top-notch design. It's a must-have tool for every agency!"



"Agency Sales OS is a highly performative system that can handle numerous types of tasks from financial planning, issues-tracking, project management, etc.

Based on my experience, I can say that it's a robust and elegantly designed solution that's suitable for startups/companies interested in managing their sales."


"I'm incredibly impressed with the Agency Sales Template. It's a masterpiece, and everything is connected and works perfectly together.I've used a lot of different sales templates in the past, but none of them come close to this one. It's comprehensive, yet easy to use. It covers everything you need to do to close more deals, from prospecting to qualifying to closing.And what I really love is that it's personalized. You can customize it to fit your specific needs and sales process. That means you're not just following a generic template. You're using a template that's specifically designed to help you sell more.I highly recommend the Agency Sales Template to any agency that wants to increase their sales. It's the best investment you'll ever make."


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